Florida Redfish Guides

Are you ready for some Redfish?

Florida Red Fish are one of the most popular sport fish in the state.  Book your Redfish charters with our Redfish guides and enjoy a fun day on our Florida waterways. We have guides available from the Big Bend Area to Islamorada in the Keys.

Redfish or Red drums are named after the drum like sound they make when they are spawning or taken out of the water. This drum like sound is made when the muscles rub against their inflated air bladder. Redfish or Red drum inhabit the inshore, near shore and offshore waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico from the Panhandle in Northern Florida to Key West.

There are several good way to catch redfish. You can float a live shrimp or crab under a popping cork. You can cast a jig or spoon.  They even like top water plugs or bait.  Did I mention that they are really good to eat? Yes. Redfish do make great table fare.   
We currently have redfish guides in these areas of Florida. Big Bend, Steinhatchee, Cedar Key, Yankeetown,  Crystal River, Homosassa, Chassahowitzka, Hernando Beach, Naples, Key Largo and Islamorada

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Florida Red Fish Guides

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